Club enjoys festival success

July 19, 2022

The Goole Judo Club Team had a brilliant day at the North Yorkshire Festival of Judo at York Railway Institute on Saturday, July 2.

Every single member of the team of five brought home a medal, with two of the team having their first taste of competitive judo!. Here’s how the day went. First up was Lily in her first judo competition. Lily’s pool was part of the first group on the mat. Lily won her first contest, winning a wazari for a throw, then winning an ippon with a second throw, but lost her second contest. Lily’s third contest was against the girl who eventually won gold, Lily won this contest too. Lily won two out of three of her fights and was awarded a bronze medal due to a tie in points with the girl who she lost to. Next up was James. This was also James’s first judo competition.

James demonstrated fantastic judo and bravery during his three contests. In his first contest, he took a very hard throw from a more experienced player and didn’t give up. In James’s second contest he showed some brilliant newaza fighting getting his opponent into a great hold down, sadly losing this one to a throw for wazari. In James’s third contest he went out showing us all brilliant movement and skill, he was unfortunate to lose this fight having his throw countered for ippon. James was awarded a bronze medal. Thirdly, was Artjem. Artjem has only had competed once since the Covid pandemic at a competition we held at Goole. Artjem was in a pool with two other boys. Artjem won his first contest within seconds with two brilliant throws for wazari. He went on to win his second contest, again within seconds, with a wazari throw, then a further throw for ippon.

Throughout the contest Artjem showed amazing skill and dominating the grips each time. Artjem was awarded a gold medal for winning all his fights. This was Artjem’s best performance to date. Artjem also agreed to compete in another fight for a player who had been missed out on the sheets, thank you for your excellent sportsmanship! Fourth up was Jack. Jack’s category was split into two pools with a semi final and final after. Jack won his first contest with a great throw for wazari within five seconds, which he then followed up with a brilliant transition into a pin holding his opponent for 10 seconds to win. Jack’s second contest was won with two throws for wazari, each time Jack went straight into his groundwork looking for the hold down. This led to Jack winning his pool and going into the semi final. In the semi final Jack went a wazari down, then winning the contest with a brilliant counter to the throw the boy had tried earlier. Jack then competed in the final. Jack got stuck straight in, getting his grips, moving his opponent but unluckily got caught and was thrown for ippon.

This was Jack’s first competition since the pandemic, and first competition not at Goole. Jack was awarded a silver medal with his best performance to date. Demonstrating great gripping and breaking balance techniques, and smooth transitions into groundwork. Last up and the only senior for the day, Dan. Dan was in a pool of five, with players from a weight category up. This was Dan’s second competition in Judo, with his first one being at Goole. Dan won his first contest with two throws for wazari each, using a technique that Coach Connor had only gone through with him the night before. Dan went on to win his second and third contests with a throw for wazari, then straight into groundwork pinning the opponents for 10 seconds. Dan lost his fourth decider fight. Dan has not been training with the club for very long and won a well deserved a silver medal, also his best performance to date.

The team at Goole Judo Club are all super proud of their members for getting on those mats, showing bravery and trying their best. The club gives thanks to Coach Joe for being mat-side for the team, thanks to the parents for fetching the children and cheering them on, and thanks to the event organisers for running a great event. If you would like to join the club they train every Friday at Goole Leisure Centre - 6pm-7pm for beginners under 16, 7pm-8pm for advanced under 16, 8pm-9pm for seniors. The first session is free and we are running a six-week beginner offer for £15! Follow the club on Facebook at Goole Judo Club and on Instagram @goolejudo.

Jack Kenning, James Kenning, Lily Hirst and Artjem Savicenka. (14-07-716 SU) 

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