Treehouse nursery praised by Ofsted

Angela Huzulak
July 21, 2021

Staff at a new Eastrington nursery are celebrating their “glowing” Ofsted report.

The Treehouse based in the village hall was rated ‘good’ across the board during the watchdog’s inspection in June. The provision, which cared for 43 children at the time of inspection, was a “safe and secure” setting that promoted outdoor learning, inspector Clare Cotton said in the report. She added: “The local community and nature play an important role in the setting’s curriculum and ethos. “Staff plan a range of outings and organise visitors to come to the nursery to give children new experiences. “Children enjoy their time in the setting and have secure attachments with kind, caring and sensitive staff.”

The children - all aged one to five - are each offered age appropriate lessons, with older children able to explore nearby playgrounds and babies learning songs through the “role model” staff. Inspector Cotton added: “They teach the children in their care right from wrong and support children to follow the rules and boundaries in place.” Parents were reportedly “happy” with the provision but staff were encouraged to provide them with materials and resources to continue their learning and development at home.

Libby Morris and Emma Foy, directors of The Treehouse said they were “very proud” of the report following the opening in 2020. “Our team provide fantastic care and wonderful opportunities for the Tree Tots and it has been so lovely to see the children flourish over the past 10 months despite the pandemic. We are so pleased we decided to start the Nature Nursery venture last year, it is so rewarding to see the children grow in confidence and abilities. “We would like to thank the staff, the children and their families for their support over our first academic year. Congratulations to Team Treehouse on an absolutely glowing report.” To read the report, visit /v1/file/50165661.

Pictured are the happy staff at The Treehouse nursery in Eastrington have celebrated their recent “glowing” Ofsted report, which rated the facility “good”, calling it “safe and secure”. (22-07-13 SU)

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