New Yorkshire Air Ambulance helicopter lands in Goole

March 31, 2023


The new, first of its kind, Yorkshire Air Ambulance (YAA) helicopter was in Goole yesterday evening to deal with a medical emergency.

The new helicopter, which was built in Germany, was only launched by the YAA two weeks ago.

The new H145 D3 helicopter has a host of technologically advanced features that will make the service more efficient.

Most noticeably, a five-bladed ridged main rotor, will make the system simpler, lighter, and easier to maintain than the previous rotor. The five-bladed rotor system will also help to significantly reduce vibrations, which will considerably improve ride quality for both patients and the crew.

In addition, the new aircraft has an integrated camera system which allows the pilot to see behind and below the aircraft, making take offs and landings safer. With the addition of the cameras, crew will now be able to load patients into the helicopter with the rotors still turning, allowing for a quicker and more efficient process for incidents where time is critical.

On board wi-fi will also allow patient records to be updated inflight, and a cutting-edge secure communications system will also allow the crew to send patient data ahead to their destination hospital, allowing doctors and nurses at the hospital to start evaluating and assessing the patient before they arrive.

In the cabin, the YAA doctors and paramedics are most excited about the new wheeled stretcher system which will make loading and unloading patients into the aircraft a much easier process, with the stretcher taking most of the weight of the patient, opposed to the manual lifting the crew are currently used to.

The two current YAA helicopters, G-YAAC and G-YOAA, which came into service in 2016 will be phased out within the next 12 months, with the first of the new Helicopters, G-YAAA, now in use, and a second new Helicopter, G-YORX, joining the service this summer

More than 8,500 people across Yorkshire have received lifesaving care by the quick action of Yorkshire Air Ambulance service over the past 23 years.

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The air ambulance in Goole on Thursday evening with pilot Josh Adams. (06-04-400 GT)

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