Moorlands forced to end its meals on wheels service

Emily Collins
April 13, 2023

After more than 15 years of serving the local community, The Moorlands Community Charity has announced it has taken the decision to end its Meals on Wheels Service.

The charity has been providing the delivery service since 2007, to people in Old Goole, Goole, Howden, Gilberdyke, Snaith, and surrounding villages, however, due to the rising costs of fuel, utilities and wholesale goods, the charity says the service is no longer financially viable.

Jacky Crawford, CEO of The Moorlands Community Charity said: “We wish to thank representatives from East Riding Council and HEY Smile Foundation for their support over the last few months to assess and realign our services. We are devastated to give up our Meals on Wheels service after many years of delivery. “We just could not continue to deliver a high-quality service, whilst trying to absorb the huge rise in the cost of utilities, fuel and goods. To give an example, our utilities were on a fixed tariff, which came to an end this week, resulting in a rise from £5,000 to £17,000.”

The Goole Times reported in December last year of the charity’s uncertain future as it grappled with the rising costs associated with their services, and since then the charity has been working with East Riding of Yorkshire Council and HEY Smile Foundation to secure a more stable future. To ensure vulnerable older people continue to receive the services they need, Nancy’s Larder, a Hull based organisation who have supplied meals within Hull and parts of East Riding for the past nine years, has announced it will expand its outfit to cover the areas previously supplied by The Moorlands.

Speaking about the takeover, Jacky said: “The focus for all partners was to ensure vulnerable people in the community continued to receive a hot meal and a welcome face, so we entered into negotiations with Nancy’s Larder, run by Matt Williamson, and they are happy to take our routes into their current provision. “They are also better placed to absorb the increased costs into a company with a larger turnover of income. The good news is, most of the current staff involved in our service, have been transferred across to Nancy’s Larder so there will be no difference in the quality of meals served, nor in the staff that deliver each day.” Following the closure of its Meals on Wheels Service, The Moorlands has reaffirmed is commitment to providing its other vital services to local people.

Speaking about the future, Jacky said: “This is an exciting time for our charity, as we pr-profile our current National Lottery funds and apply for new projects. “So far members of the community have asked for a Welcome Space, an inter-generational craft group, a Luncheon Club in Old Goole, cookery classes and we are working with several Ukrainian families who wish to form a mutual support group. “Our youth services continue to be delivered, and the Centre is open during the holidays for children over the age of eight to come and use the IT room. We hope to deliver a full holiday playscheme in summer, along with an exciting project working on a green space, but more to come on this!” If you want to find out more about the new Meals on Wheels service provided by Nancy’s Larder, please call 07377789139 or visit their website:

The Moorlands Community Charity has announced it has taken the decision to cease the running of its Meals on Wheels Service. The team are pictured on their last day of service. (06-04-111 GT)

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