Bulls shrug off conditions in tie with great rivals Garforth

February 17, 2022

South Park Bulls Under-15s v Garforth Rangers Under-15s

South Park Bulls Under-15s got off to a great start at South Park playing fields last Saturday when they took on Garforth Rangers from near Leeds in their 15th match of the season in strong winds and with some occasional heavy downpours. Despite the windy conditions, the local side had the largest turnout of supporters this season.

Goole managers Craig Buck and Harry James were both there on the day, Harry praised the team saying: “We had a great first half battling the wind and managed to score the first goal by Jacob Wilson, playing really well up to half time. They were keen to start back in the second half and then the wind was completely against them and Garforth stepped up the game.”

Visiting manager David Owen added: “It’s been a really exciting match end to end. Both teams played a strong battle but the wind has been a strong factor. It’s always great to come and play at South Park. We’ve been playing each other for the last four or five years and it’s always a good contest and a close match. Ben Brookes levelled the score up for us in the second half followed by a great shot from William Beaumont before Charlie Macdonald scored just before the final whistle.” Man of the Match was awarded to Goole goalie Braidon Buck. Manager Harry James said: “His first-half performance was outstanding!” Harry then added: “Covid’s made it really difficult this season. We’re already short of numbers but have more players returning in the week. We’ve getting back to normal life but many are finding it hard breathing during the game (after Covid and time off). It’s made the whole season difficult finding players who’ve had to learn new positions”.

The South Park Bulls Under-15s. (17-02-728 SU)

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