New water fountain to be installed

August 5, 2022

A drinking water fountain is set to be installed in Snaith to provide refreshment to residents, visitors and their furry friends.

The facility will be installed at Crosshill on Pontefract Road, near to the commemorative oak tree, which was planted by Snaith residents in 1937 to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of King George V and Queen Mary, which currently stands on the site. The multi-function water fountain will have a tap for filling bottles, a drink supply and a floor level drinking tray for dogs and its installation will form the first phase of the development of a new garden on the site which aims to provide a welcoming space for visitors to the town as well as marking the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Snaith and Cowick Together Community Group have secured the funding for the project from the Love Your High Street Fund, as well as from Two Ridings Community Foundation. The group is currently working in partnership with East Riding of Yorkshire Council and Yorkshire Water to bring the project to fruition and the fountain is expected to be installed in the near future.

Snaith and Cowick Together Community Group member and town Mayor, Cllr Steven Jones said: “Snaith and Cowick Together Community Group has raised funds to install a water fountain where walkers, cyclists and residents will be able to replenish their water bottles. “The water fountain will sustainably provide refreshment 24 hours a day and reduce plastic waste by encouraging the public to refill their personal bottles rather than continually purchase throw away plastic bottles. “In the future this facility will become invaluable with the increasing record temperatures due to global warming.” Over the coming years a community garden will also be developed on the site to create a welcoming entrance to the town.

Situated on the Trans Pennine Trail and described as “the gateway to the East Riding”, Snaith is a popular destination with walkers and cyclists and Snaith and Cowick Together Community Group want to create an attractive and useful space for visitors and residents alike to utilise. Members of the group recently welcomed fundraiser Turbo Timmo to the area where the new water fountain will be installed as he passed through the town on his journey along the Trans Pennine Trail.

Members of Snaith and Cowick Together Community Group welcomed fundraiser, Turbo Timmo to Snaith. They are pictured at Crosshills in the town located on the Trans Penning Trail, where a new water fountain is due to be installed for use by residents and visitors. (21-07-142 SU)

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