Details of flood fund spending revealed

November 7, 2021

Two Ridings Community Foundation has issued details of how money donated to support victims of last year’s flooding has been spent.

The Goole Times approached the foundation to ask them how the money has been allocated after Snaith and Cowick Town councillors raised concerns about the handling of the donations at a recent council meeting. During the full town council meeting on Monday, October 18, council clerk, Vicky Whiteley revealed: “When local people and businesses began donating money to support the flood victims, the town council was instructed not to accept the donations and was advised to enlist Two Ridings Community Foundation to handle the finances.

“From our understanding, residents would be able to apply for grants from the fund and we expected this would be distributed without being means tested. Since the application process began we have been contacted by residents who have not heard back from the foundation, or, more concerningly, have been rejected from receiving a grant. We contacted Two Ridings Community Foundation earlier this year to ask for audit information about how the donations have been spent, including reasons why people who were flooded were rejected from receiving funding, and despite several attempts to contact them we have had no response since the start of this year.” Two Ridings Community Foundation has since apologised to the council for not providing this information, saying they will look in the situation internally.

A spokesperson for the charity said: “The total raised was £86,630 of which to date £47,350 has been allocated. There were 88 stage one grants and only one was rejected, based on the number of properties provided by East Riding Council, we believe this was around 80 per cent of people affected received a grant “There have been 18 round two applications and two of these have been rejected. Phase 2 tends to be a slower process as people don’t necessarily know the need until they are back in their property and with the pandemic it has slowed things down for us and others significantly. “Rejections have happened when someone is not eligible e.g. they have full insurance that covers all the costs that they have incurred.”

The foundation is still accepting applications from people who are still in need of funding. The charity spokesperson said: “We recognise that post the flooding and the pandemic that the community have been through a lot and we want to ensure that all the funds are distributed. “In early November we will be sending letters to all properties that were flooded to reach out and remind them there is funding there and available to support them. “We have also secured some funding from The National Lottery Community Fund to support some community resilience measures - this will not be for individuals but rather community projects. This will also be launching in November.” To discuss funding, get more information or support with applying for a grant contact Two Ridings Community Foundation by emailing or calling 01904 929500 between 9am-4pm, Monday – Thursday. Application forms can be found by visiting]

Snaith’s Ferry Lane on the afternoon of February 27. (05-03-33 SU)

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