TV showcase for interior designer

September 13, 2021

A green-thumb’s work has been showcased on BBC Gardener’s World.

Interior garden designer, Samantha Theakstone, curated and assembled a 11.5m x 4.5m room for the NAC set in Birmingham which was featured on television on Friday, August 27. The 36-year-old said she immersed local suppliers such as Howden’s Kitchens and Lusso House. “I try to take local places with me to try and exhibit them. It was like taking Yorkshire to the Westside.” The display had “a lot of positive feedback” and hopes her work will inspire others to try greenery in their own homes. “Start small and learn about the plants”, she said. “Ask yourself if it’s the right setting for the plant, if they need bright lights, shading spots, get to know each plant individually. “It can be very therapeutic. “It’s just a case of have a go and try it.”

The interior designer whose worked in the industry for more than 15 years, said the key to her style eye is upcycling where possible. “We used a set of ladders from the garage and styled it with the plants, we’ve used old bathroom cabinets on the wall, and a lick of paint brings it all to life again. It gives it a new lease of life.”

Samantha Theakstone with the room she curated and designed. (09-09-49 SU)

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