School holiday walk-in clinics for children’s Covid-19 jabs and boosters

August 4, 2022

Anyone still needing their coronavirus jabs or boosters can pop along to a special vaccination bus that is making stops locally this month.

The Health and Wellbeing Bus Covid-19 Vaccination Service is out on the road throughout the summer and is providing some sessions aimed at those aged 12 and under requiring their first, second, or booster jabs. Alongside the vaccine bus, there are a number of extra walk-in clinics for younger age groups, including clinics for those aged five to 11 (and for anyone aged 12 and in Year 7 who may have missed their in-school vaccinations at the start of the year) during the summer holidays on behalf of the local NHS vaccine team.

Some children will now be due for their second Covid dose, which should be 12 weeks after their first dose for most children. If your child still needs to get their first vaccine, it is not too late. Public health continues to encourage parents and carers to get their children vaccinated to give them long-lasting protection against serious complications of infection to the virus – including any future waves due to new variants. Children will also gain some protection from any mild symptoms.

Children will be given the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine for both doses. The vaccine for children aged five to 11 is a third of the dose of vaccine that is given to older children and adults. Children at greater risk of serious illness if they catch Covid should have two doses of vaccine, eight weeks apart. All other children will be offered two doses of vaccine, 12 weeks apart.

One dose of the Covid vaccine gives good protection against your child getting seriously ill. Two doses gives stronger and longer-lasting protection against future Covid-19 variants.

Goole Health Centre is holding walk-in clinics today (August 4) and on August 18 for children aged 12 and over.

Today's walk-in clinic is for children aged five to 11 or aged 12 and in Year 7 and is running from 10am to 4pm.

Please note, there is a limited supply of vaccines each day. If you prefer to pre-book an appointment, please visit the NHS booking site.

The Health and Wellbeing Bus Covid-19 Vaccination Service is out on the road throughout the summer (Image: East Riding of Yorkshire Council)

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