Residents on new path to fitness

March 17, 2022

Residents flocked to the Ashes Playing Field last weekend to celebrate the official opening of the town’s new all-weather track.

The track named the Howden Mile was officially opened on Saturday, March 12, with a ribbon cutting ceremony at 1pm. People visited the park between dawn and dusk to walk, jog or run the mile, which is twice around the track, at their own pace, aided or unaided. Val Ellerington and Margaret Atkinson have already been making use of the path since it was installed. Val said: “We use the path daily - it’s lovely to walk on and you keep your feet dry. We can now come out in any weather!” Donations were collected on the day and will be shared between The Ashes Trust and an official heart charity.

Members of the Ashes Playing Field Trust, Doug Beatty, Graham Bell, Angela Martinson, Elaine Lilley and Luke Thornhill. (17-03-74 GT)

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