Reedness Primary opens hall as community cafe

January 19, 2023

Reedness Primary School have opened a community cafe in their school hall to bring residents of all ages together.

Every Tuesday from 9.15am until 11am, everyone is welcome to pop down to the school and have a tea, coffee and some cake in a warm space. Lyndsey Gibson, school business manager, said: “It was an idea that the school came up with and I am so pleased to see it all come together. “We decided to do this because there aren’t a lot of places that you can meet around here, especially that is within walking distance for a lot of people, so we thought that we would set this up once a week so we can be there for our community. “As it is the first session, we really did not know what to expect but I am so happy that so many people have come along.” The space includes tables and chairs for people to sit and have a chat on, and also a designated baby/toddler space filled with games and activities for any little attendees.

Lyndsey added: “We’ve got that designated space for younger ones, which is us showing that we really are open to anyone who wants to come down.” One person who was attending the session, said: “We have come down in support of the school and to see what this cafe is all about. “It’s really nice to have this space that is warm and accessible, especially with the weather as cold as it is today.” The sessions are running on a donation basis, so you just pay whatever you can afford, and you do not just have to live in Reedness to attend, it is open to everyone. Headteacher, Matthew Herbert, added: “It is great that so many people have decided to come along today. “The school is the hub of the community and we really want to be just that- a space that people can come to and have a chat or meet new people and enjoy a drink. “For some it might be the start of getting out regularly again after a few years of Covid, and others may pop in some weeks and not others, which is absolutely fine, we will be here regardless for anyone who does want to come. “We hope to see even more people in the coming weeks.” For more information about the cafe, contact the school.

Lyndsey and Judith, staff members from Reedness Primary School. (19-01-14 GT/AC)

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