Fabio delivers mental health message

March 3, 2022

A man from Goole has released a book to help other people who are experiencing mental health struggles.

Fabio Eduardo, who is the Pastor and one of the founders of the Goole branch of Cathedral International, a Brazilian Church community in the UK, has penned a book about his experience with mental health, particularly as a leader in the Church. The author unveiled his new book, ‘Stop, World, I Want to Get Off’, during a launch at Hook Village Hall on Friday, February 18, and he was joined by special guest singers Jessica and Anderson Lima, who travelled all the way from Spain for the event. Fabio decided to publish the book to remind people that “it’s ok to not be ok”, after going through his own personal struggles.

He said: “In 2018 I was suffering with anxiety and depression. As a spiritual leader many people don’t expect you to struggle with mental health and I felt like a fraud. “I had therapy and began writing down my thoughts. I didn’t initially plan to publish anything but I thought it could help others who are going through it too. “I’m not a psychologist and it isn’t a psychology book, it is just my advice and suggestions to help other people who are struggling, from someone who has actually suffered with mental health too.” ‘Stop, World, I Want to Get Off’ has initially been published in Portuguese but will be published in English in the coming weeks and will be available to buy from Amazon. Fabio said: “I am really proud of my achievement. I know people, especially Pastors within the Christian community, who have committed suicide because they are too afraid to talk and are worried about what other people will think of them. “With this book I hope to show that it is ok to not be ok, even for Church leaders.”

Goole’s Fabio Eduardo has published a book about mental health. He is pictured during his book launch with wife Patricia and special guests, Jessica and Anderson Lima. (03-03-61 SU)

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