Elle’s fundraiser peaks with Snowdon climb

October 6, 2022

A woman from Newland has ticked a huge challenge off her bucket list, whilst also raising an amazing £600 for charity after climbing Mount Snowdon.

Elle Simpson took on the 1,085m climb on Friday, September 16 in a bid to complete a long term personal goal, as well as raising money for two charities which are close to her heart. The 43-year-old explained why she decided to take on the mammoth challenge: “When my son, Tom was little we used to have annual family holidays to the Snowdonia National Park and I always thought that one day I’d love to climb the mountain. “Now he is a teenager I wanted to make him and myself proud by taking on this challenge.”

Following months of strenuous training with the support of her friend who also took on the hike, Elle managed to complete the journey from top to bottom in just six hours, saying the view from the top was worth all the hard work. She said: “The day was lovely, the view was breath taking and it was actually a bit surreal. The whole experience was overwhelming but fantastic.” As well as ticking off her personal goal, the kindhearted hiker also used the challenge to raise money to help other people in need, by raising money for Kidney Research UK and a charity supporting research into autism. She said: “Both charities are very close to my family so I wanted to be able to do something to help other families who are in the same situation as us. “I wanted to raise money for both causes to help families get the support they deserve as well as fund more research into kidney diseases and autism to help better understand them and find better treatments and support for people.”

Elle Simpson climbed Mount Snowdon and raised £600 for charity. (29-09-127 SU)

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