Doting daughter seeks help in saving LIVES

February 9, 2023

A local woman is raising money for an incredible charity that provided critical care for her late dad during his time of need.

Samantha Garbutt set a fundraiser in honour of her much-loved dad, Neil Moore, who received essential oxygen therapy from a local volunteer for LIVES at his home in Garthorpe. The local responder had received a frantic call on a night in late November to help Neil, who had severe chest pain and was in desperate need of an ambulance. With a confirmation from dispatchers that an ambulance would get to Neil as soon as it could, the volunteer worked tirelessly to keep him stable, staying by his side with his family for four hours while they waited for paramedics. Sam explained: “If it wasn’t for our local LIVES volunteer, my dad wouldn’t have received the help he needed at the time he most needed it. “She gave him the best care. Her delivery of oxygen and initial assessment of him enabled ambulance staff to quickly take him to A&E, saving valuable time.”

There are six LIVES volunteers situated in and near to the Isle of Axholme, an area roughly 25 minutes away from Scunthorpe General Hospital. The medically trained volunteers reach people when ambulance services are stretched during busy periods. The responders work around the clock in Lincolnshire to provide care ranging from delivering shocks from a defibrillator, CPR and starting life-saving treatment. They charity also looks to its Critical Care Responders and Medics to perform highly specialised medical interventions in the region. It costs the organisation £1,000 a year to keep one First Responder on the road, with a further £2,000 needed to recruit, train and equip the volunteers with their expertise. Sam added: “My dear dad lost his life in December after he spent a few weeks in hospital. “In memory of him, we wanted to raise as much money as possible for this charity to continue their amazing work. Any contribution to this cause means so much to me.” Sam’s fundraiser has already surpassed its £500 goal and has raised an incredible £4,025 for LIVES. To further help Sam’s cause, please donate to her page -

The six LIVES volunteers working around the clock to deliver life-saving aid to those in need in the Isle of Axholme. (02-02-215 SU)

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