Company urge parents to have safety talk this Christmas

December 22, 2022

Northern Powergrid is reminding parents in East Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire to have a safety chat with children and young people over the festive period. 

With pupils being off school and college during the holidays, it is essential that they know to stay away from the power network, including substations and overhead powerlines. 

The network operator is reminding parents and guardians across the region to help spread this vital safety message this Christmas by talking about the potential dangers of electricity.

Northern Powergrid wants children to know that retrieving items from substations or its network is extremely dangerous. 

If someone spots something that is potentially unsafe, they must call the company’s 24 hour contact centre team by dialling 105 and a team, who have specialist training and equipment, will be sent out to assist. 

Gareth Pearson, Northern Powergrid’s Head of Health, Safety and Training, said: “With thousands of children across the region breaking up for the Christmas holidays and potentially heading outdoors to enjoy their new Christmas presents over the next few weeks, it’s vital they know how to play safe and stay away from power lines and substations. 

“We want them to understand the dangers so they’re able to keep themselves safe. 

“We know it’s a busy time at Christmas, but it is essential to take time for a simple two minute chat to remind your children about the potential hazards. 

“Making sure they know to contact Northern Powergrid by calling 105 if they accidentally kick their new football into a substation, or sport something hanging from our power lines, could potentially save a life.

“We have created an animation to help parents talk to children, which can also be shared with them, about the dangers of electricity as well as a safety activity booklet which helps bring the safety messages home in a fun way, and keeps the kids entertained.” 

The animation is primarily aimed at parents and guardians, but has been created in a way which means it can be shared with children as part of any discussions about staying safe. 

The animation has been shared as part of a digital campaign, and the network operator also has a range of free resources to help parents, guardians and teachers on:


Northern Powergrid are reminding people to take care around power networks this winter. (29-12-03 SU). 

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