Band’s debut song hits streaming sites

August 23, 2022

A group of local musicians have written and released their first song.

‘Socially Distant’ is made up of five members - Steve Adams, Fiona McCormack, Paul Sandham, Allen Hodges and Mike Pargan. The group have been playing together for a while, and occasionally perform at events in the area.

Their new song, ‘Best Days Of Our Lives’, is all about summer childhood memories, and features ukulele playing and vocals. With the help of sound engineer Chris Miley, the group recorded the song at a studio in Snaith, and it has so far been released on Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon music.

One member, Steve Adams, said: “Everybody is delighted with the outcome. “We never in a million years thought we would have a song recorded and released so it is brilliant.”

The members of Socially Distant - Steve Adams, Allen Hodges, Fiona McCormack, Paul Sandham and Mike Pargan. (18-08-23 SU)

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