BSL signs erected around Goole’s parks

February 2, 2024

New signs have been installed at parks across Goole to help make the town more inclusive by teaching people the basic’s of British Sign Language (BSL).

The signs, which demonstrate how to sign simple phrases and letters, have been installed by Goole Town Council to help people communicate non-verbally. The idea for the project was suggested by Goole Mum, Tanya Andrews, whose four-year-old daughter, Emily, was born profoundly deaf and communicates using BSL. The signs were first installed at West Park last year and after positive feedback, they have now also been installed at South Park, Kent Road Park, Fountayne Street Park, Western Road Play Area, Percy Street Play Area, and Oakhill Nature Reserve. Tanya has also been instrumental in seeing signs installed elsewhere in the East Yorkshire region including at Airmyn Park and South Cliff Caravan Park. The Mum of two said: “I'm trying to make the community inclusive for Emily when she grows up, and the boards assist people to communicate using BSL, which it's bridges the gap between the hearing and Deaf community “Thanks to the The School Sign Shop, Let's Sign BSL and Cath Smith for the resources to raise Deaf Awareness, and a huge thanks to Councillor Anthony Raspin, Georgina Jane Petty, Friends of West Park Goole, the organisers of the Goole Carboot and Phil Batten from Goole Town Council for making this happen.”

BSL signs have been installed at parks across Goole to help people like Emily, who are deaf communicate with others. (18-01-135 SU)

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