Airmyn villagers unveil bench in honour of much-loved Margaret

Emily Collins
August 18, 2021

A bench has been installed in Airmyn in honour of a late resident, Margaret Hayton.

The Parish council purchased and installed the bench at the end of The Crossings on Sunday, August 15, in memory of Mrs Hayton who passed away in August 2020 at the age of 86. Family members, residents and councillors gathered to lay flowers at the bench and raise a glass. According to Councillor Caroline Fox, Mrs Hayton, who was born and raised in the village, “attended every parish council meeting and would keep us on our toes. She was a real community spirited lady, heavily involved in the church where her and her sister used to do the cleaning many years ago.” Kate Shaw, Mrs Hayton’s sister, said “she was a country woman who enjoyed the outside life and would always let the council know of any issues.”

The pair were well known for cleaning the church, while Mrs Hayton was also notable for organising the whist drives, serving as the village’s first lollipop lady, acting as the school caretaker and cleaner and being a member of the women’s auxiliary.

Villagers gathered to remember Margaret Hayton. (19-08-37 GT)

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