Academy announces upgrade

Emily Collins
September 22, 2022

Goole Academy has announced plans of a £1.5million project to expand the school’s dining room, helping to cater to the growing number of pupils.

Following on from last week’s news about the strong performance of students at the school in their recent GCSE exams, the school has now unveiled exciting plans for the future development of the school. Recent years have seen a surge in the popularity of the school. In 2019 the Year 11 cohort consisted of only 140 students, whilst this year saw over 200 students leaving and progressing from Year 11 to pursue their future dreams.

In lower years, the academy has become heavily oversubscribed, significantly exceeding the number of applications for places available, with the result of this being a need to grow and expand the facilities. Last year the school saw upgrade on the sports hall, with £500,000 being spent to improve the existing facilities. Now, work is beginning to increase the size of the dining room with further £1.5million expected to be spent on increasing the capacity to cater for the growth the academy has experienced. Work will see improvements to the kitchen facilities, a huge increase in the number of seats and a new dedicated entrance/reception area for the main hall.

Principal Julian Harrison said: “I’m delighted we have managed to secure this significant investment to improve the experience for our children. I am sure the new facilities will serve the students and community well for years to come. “Despite the challenges that come with the construction of the new facilities we’re coping very well. There has been no disruption to the smooth running of the school and students continue to progress well. “We’re looking forward to making the most of the fantastic new spaces once completed.”

As the pupils returned to school earlier this month following the summer holidays, a return to a more regular educational experience has been welcomed after a few turbulent years during the pandemic. Mr Harrison said: “Despite the disruption this caused, it is largely agreed that the school responded well, and this is reflected in the fact that, despite the challenges Year 11 students faced, they managed to achieve the best results in its history.”

Principal, Julian Harrison, head prefects, Emma Scott and Anthony Poulton, Year 11 learning manager, Mrs Derbyshire and vice principal, Mrs Holt looking at plans for the new dining hall. (15-09-108 GT/EC)

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