£1m upgrade for subways

August 24, 2023


Network Rail has allocated over £1 million in an effort to keep the subways of Goole Train Station “flood free”.

In a post on social media, Andrew Percy MP announced the investment plans which will enhance the drainage systems of the subways. In the post, Mr Percy said: “As residents will be aware, I have been working closely with Network Rail to address the long-running flooding issues in the subways at Goole level crossing. “Network Rail has allocated over £1 million for this new drainage system, and I have been informed that the final designs are currently undergoing a review process. “Upon their approval, Network Rail will be in a position to provide an accurate timeline for delivery.” The scheme is fully funded and construction will take place in the upcoming financial year. Matt Shelton, Route Engineer for Network Rail, said: “We know how important it is that the subways in Goole remain open and flood-free, and we’re committed to taking steps to prevent flooding in this area. “That’s why we’re investing £1.7million to improve the drainage system and reduce the risk of flooding. “Teams at Network Rail are currently reviewing the designs for the new system. “Once a design has been approved, we’ll be able to start planning dates for the work to take place.”

Network Rail allocate £1 million for Goole Train Station. (17-08-340 SU)

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